A Weekend in Liverpool, Love for Christmas Markets, and Doppelganger


Hey everyone! Welcome to my 4th blog! In my previous blog, I mentioned going to York. This time, I took a day trip to Liverpool, specifically Lime Street. I went there with my friend mainly to meet up with a well-known game developer for a game I have played since I was 12. Also, it was another new city to explore. I might as well…

Going from Bradford Station to Manchester Victoria Station was quite a bit of a struggle. My friend and I had to wake up pretty early (for me at least.. as it was 10 AM) to catch the train from Bradford to Manchester Victoria, which was fine until our train from Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street. That train canceled on us, so we had to wait an hour, then it was delayed for an additional 30 mins. Even worse, so many people on that train left and boarded. Note to those planning to go to the UK: don’t take TransPennie Express if you need to go somewhere in time.

However, while the long wait, I had a little Starbucks snack break in which I got myself a Strawberry Açaí Green Tea and bacon and cheddar egg bites. I’ll be honest; the Strawberry Açaí is much better in the US if you have it with green tea; however, it’s super sour with lemonade. I’ll try it with lemonade in the UK the next time. The bacon and cheddar egg bites tasted like the one in the US but without the list of ingredients and preservatives. I also saw a bunch of people in costumes, including those dressed as Marge Simpson, Brittany Spears, Thomas the Train (GOING INSIDE A TRAIN), and five different people circled together as the Maui from Moana.

Finally, we made it to Lime Street in Liverpool. When I stepped off the station, I immediately fell in love as the city is a mix of modern with older architecture. Lime Street station is right in front of the central Christmas Market and shopping centers. My friend and I walked around the city for a bit. When we stumbled various sites such as the Queen Victoria statue and the outside of the National Museum Liverpool. My friend and I also saw so many dogs. We witness one dog without its leash running into the museum. What cracked me up was that he said, “that dog is running into the museum to learn”.

We finally met the game developer friend and walked around the city. We visited his apartment, and he showed us toys a company had made from his game. I thought that was cool as the game I played when I was 12 years old wasn’t well known compared to now. My friend and I also had the chance to meet another known person from the game, but he’s a streamer and well-connected to the gaming conference.

After talking for hours, we went to his rooftop and got the best view of Liverpool. Of course, I had to snap some pictures. All 3 of us then got dinner together and went to a Gordon Ramsey. The game developer and I had the steak, and my friend had the burger. Not going to lie, it was pricey, but it was worth it.

Before heading back to the train, we went to the Christmas Market. Let me tell you that I’ve never been to a Christmas Market before. Every Christmas Market is different, and Liverpool was a foodie’s dream. There were various foods, and I purchased and tasted salted popcorn, Bailey’s hot chocolate, fudge, and a bratwurst (basically a german hot dog). My friend and I then headed back to the train station to Bradford and said goodbye to the game developer, he is now one of my new friends.

That day was full of excitement and weirdness. I thought the night would be a regular night upon my train journey from Victoria Manchester to Bradford. Nope! It was because we spotted my friend’s doppelgänger through a glass reflection. He looks exactly like him from his beard to face structure. Well… the doppelgänger was sleeping the entire train journey, so I don’t know what his eye colors were. But how often do you meet your doppelgänger out in public?

That’s all for my blog! I can’t believe I have only one month left in this beautiful country, and it’s been full of adventures and new experiences. I am blessed and thankful for FEA, the University of Bradford, ISEP, and my supporters for making my dreams possible. Here are pictures of me at the Queen Victoria statue and a high city tower view of Liverpool.