A Week of Exploring




This week has been a breathe of fresh air. I didn’t know how much time I had on my hands until Monday came around and I didn’t have four hours of spanish class. Even though I do wish I could be in a spanish class I do not miss the four hours. I have been using my mornings to good use now and even started on a couple of new journeys this week. This week I started volunteering at a senior citizen’s home and started teaching costa rican students english. My experience at the senior citizens home was a very humbling experience, I started feeding an older gentlemen his breakfast of yogurt. I felt so privileged to feed this man who I had never met in my life his breakfast. I don’t know how I can explain it, but spoon after spoon and wiping his mouth when some yogurt spilled on his cheek just gave me this sense of service that made me fell proud about giving back. Now being in a senior citizen home can be difficult because you see how people can just be discarded because of old age, and after talking to some of the residents that was the case. The one thing I learned is that senior citizens are just waiting for an ear that is intoned to hear what they have to say. I spoke too two women as I was at the senior citizens facility and just to see their smiles and their excitement that they had someone to speak too was great. My experience teaching is truly different and I am really looking forward too next week when I’ll get two students who I personally tutor. To see the excitement and the drive too learn another language that they have is amazing.  The class is filled with games and fun and makes english very interactive which the students love. I’ve only helped with the class twice this week, so I look forward to speaking more about this subject more. Monday I went to the gold museum in San Jose and I learned so much about pre-colonial Costa Rica and how gold was such a prominent element in their societies. I was truly blown away about their artwork and skill. It was just good to have a week of service and exploring and I pray that I take this attitude everywhere I go not just in Costa Rica. I wasn’t just blessed to be blessed but to be a blessing to others.