A Vacation from my Vacation





Hello All,

This weekend was the Dragon Boat festival all over Southern Asia. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see the festival in Shenzhen because I was working, however, due to the festival the Chinese had a public holiday on Friday and Saturday. Therefore, I thought I would take advantage of this off time to go somewhere really different. 

This weekend I took a flight to Singapore. I’ve always wated to go and the flights were less than $200 roudntrip so why not? I met up with somme friends in Singapore to show me around and I learned so much about their culture and had an amazing time. They call Singapore “A Fine City” because you can get fined for just about anything. What I found to be the most ridiculous was the no durians on publi transport rule. Granted durians smell very bad but I find it interesting that they had to expressly ban them.

One tip for if you are visiting a city for a short time like I did, look up places to rent bikes and bike around the city. It is a cheap and convenient way to see lot of the city in less of the time. I constantly rent bikes in Shenzhen to bike along the river border with Hong Kong. Definitely do it if you get a chance!

Anyways, the trip was amazing, but I loved returning home to the familiarity of Shenzhen. This week is my last week of work before I journey to Taiwan for the beginning of my study abroad! Can’t wait to see familiar faces and actually hear people speaking American English. 

Until next week-