A sick week?





As you can guess from the title, I have been sick.

What started out as a headache on Monday turned into something flu-like. Fortunately, it hasn’t been so bad that I  really need to go to a hospital or clinic but I’ve still been pretty sick. Also, considering that October is the hottest month here and I walk to and from school, I’ve had a pretty rough week. I brought some medication from the U.S (DayQuil, ibuprofen, cough drops, and etc.) so that has helped me a lot. My host mom also gave me some strong headache medicine which has worked miracles. As of now, I still feel a bit under the weather but I think I’ll be fine within a day or two.

However, in my last post I mentioned that I was going to a market to buy fabric. And I did. Last Saturday, I went to HLM which is one of the bigger markets in Dakar. It’s quite spread out unlike the market I went to Downtown which was a really nice change. I also went in the morning so there weren’t many people. I went with a friend and we walked around and bought fabric. Once again, I did not take many pictures but I will have pictures by next week of my new outfits!

I bought some white fabric and a purple and tan wax colored fabric. One of my host sisters is currently in school studying design and tailoring so she’s making two new dresses for me! It’s nice to have a tailor in the house because I don’t have to travel far to have my clothes made or adjusted. I have other pieces that I want to have made so I’ll be heading back to HLM or a different market downtown to find what I need.

Tomorrow I will be heading downtown with another friend to buy some jewelry! I’m quite excited and I’ll try my best to remember to take photos!

Until next time,


P.S- Here’s a little Snapchat video from the ride from HLM back to my neighborhood.