A Quiet Week of Work in Taiwan





Fast turnaround on this one.

I unfortunately don’t have much to write about for this week, because, well…. My language teacher got covid so we had classes online, and once those were over I spent the rest of my time either researching or writing my final internship paper.

However, to major things did happen this week!

1- I went to my final Japanese dance club meeting. This was so sad because it was my last, but also so fun to see everyone one last time. Since we weren’t practicing for any performances, we were able to do a lot of ‘for fun’ type dances. Including a moon dance which honestly was super hard to get right because even in English I can’t tell my right from my left, so imagine me trying to do that in Mandarin. Ugh.

I was also extremely touched that the leader of the club gave me a final parting gift in the form of a hand folded card and a small picture of us all. The card iis iin the shape of a heart I don’t have the willpower to unfold it! So, I haven’t actually read what it says yet… peaking at it I do know that she’s wished me well. So sweet!

2- I got to go to Taoyuan City for a little business trip! I along with three coworkers went to the international senior High school in the city to give a presentation in collaboration with Fulbright Taiwan’s Education USA office about my life as a college student in the US. It was quite nerve-wracking; I’ve never been confident with public speaking. My go to plan has always been act funny to make them laugh through it, but Taiwanese students are such a tough crowd! I think in the end though, I made it somewhat entertaining for them.

Besides these things, nothing else of interest happened. We have made it to the final week, and I have a planned trip to Jiufen九份 on Saturday. I’m excited to go, this is something I’ve been wanting to do since I got here!

I leave this week’s entry short, sorry there wasn’t much to write about! 拜拜~