A Purrrrrfect Day.


We weren’t really lost….


So, since my friend back at home is a huge cat lover, I promised him I would visit one of the Cat Cafe’s in Japan. I went with a few of my friends from school and we had an awesome time. We got a bit lost looking for it and my one classmate wanted to practice his Japanese by asking EVERYONE how to get here, but to no avail. Luckily, I have a good sense of direction. lol.

When we got to the cafe, there were cats everywhere. They were all so adorable. We played with them, took pictures, played Uno, and drank hot chocolate. It was really an awesome experience.

When you get there, you only pay 1,000Yen to get in and everything else in there is free of charge. It was a pretty sweet deal. Also, they have lockers to put your things in while you’re there. As soon as you get in, they ask you to wash your hands with soap and alcohol to sterilize, I guess to keep the cats as healthy as possible…forget the people.

Anyway, we had fun, we made some friends while we were there. It was a great social experience and a great opportunity to practice speaking to other Japanese people.

I hope you all like the pics and vids.