A Proper English Breakfast


I finally had the chance to try the famous English breakfast after traveling to Regency Cafe in Westminster. When I arrived there, it was around 9:50AM and the line was to the street with people wanting to try their food from all over. I took my place in the que behind two English talking about their latest work drama, and behind me the line filled quickly with ten more eager customers. I used my wait to observe the cafe which was small in size and probably could not seat more than 50 customers. The line snaked through the seating, and the menu was written on the big chalkboard high above the counter. On the far left was the option of their “big meal deal” which included an egg, sausage, two bacon, and options to customize your meal. As I got closer to the counter, I rehearsed in my head a line that sounded similar to the men in front of me who ordered very quickly and seemingly are returning customers. I got up to the counter and requested the meal deal with tomato, coffee, and toast (instead of the counter options of beans, tea, and bread). After adding on a side of hash browns, I paid for my meal and collected my coffee before finding a couples seat in the corner that was perfect for my solo adventure. After collecting my meal, I added on ketchup and returned to my seat where I concocted various bites of the meal, sometimes consisting of dipping a fork of everything in ketchup before washing it down with black coffee. It was satisfying, to say the least. I cleaned the whole plate and left a happy customer. I thought that for my first experience of an English breakfast, the only thing stopping it from being an American breakfast I am used to is the grilled tomatoes on the side. Otherwise, I found it similar to my enjoyment of eating at Waffle house (which I very much enjoy). I would definitely recommend to go there and you might find me there again this week stopping by for my full meal breakfast that has a different combination.

I wouldn’t say that this reminds me of home. A home breakfast will also have white rice on the side as a neutral starch to bring the whole meal together. But it is very similar to the savory breakfast I’ll always have a soft spot for: eggs, meat, hash browns, and toast. To be honest, I’m quite glad that I am not too picky and am fortunate to have a diet that doesn’t constrict me from eating what I want to eat. It gives me the options to try new things, and I’m able to enjoy all foods with open taste buds. Although this is not the end of my time here in London, I feel like I’ve tried many of the cultural foods here such as a Victoria sponge, steak and ale pie, solid fish and chips, etc., and I feel very satisfied with my food experience.