A Day in Copenhagen





Now that I’ve been here for almost two full weeks, I think I’ve finally been able to develop a routine of sorts. Of course, no day here is the same, but I’ve been able to fall into a sense of familiarity with my days

I start off by waking up to get ready for class. I grab my bike and make my way across the bridge and into the heart of Copenhagen, passing the city hall everyday. The view is absolutely gorgeous, whether it be the boats going through the canal or the amazing architecture and cobblestone streets, I always find something to capture my attention every morning. After my fifteen minute bike ride, I’m ready to head into my classroom at the DIS building!

The class I’m currently taking is Psychology of Human Sexuality. This has by far been my favorite course I’ve ever taken. While the subject material itself is fascinating enough, I also have to give credit to both my professor and classmates. Dr. Quackenbush is incredibly engaging, and asks meaningful questions not only to make sure her students are understanding the material, but also challenging them to delve deep into their own personal thoughts and opinions on the subject covered. And thankfully, my peers aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. I feel that we create intellectual conversations in the classroom due to everyone’s willingness to share views, rather than simply sitting and writing down words from a powerpoint. I frequently learn things I can apply to my daily life, such as the importance of communication and setting boundaries from my polyamory lecture. This makes me really excited for my second class starting next week, Psychology of Emerging Adulthood! Seeing that I am an emerging adult, I’m sure I’ll be able to learn even more relevant and applicable information.

After class, I grab my bike and head out to explore the city with my roommate. Our most recent spot was the Botanical Gardens. It was a breathtaking experience, I saw more species of flowers and plants than ever before. It was gorgeous! Not only were there a ton of plants outside just on the grounds and on the lake, but also in the greenhouse we got to go into. It was a very unique sight that I’m fortunate I got to experience. I also went to the butterfly house, where I was able to see incredible butterflies, and even an Atlas Moth! I was even able to hold a butterfly!

Finally, after biking around the city and touring the city, it’s time to think about dinner. Sometimes we’ll stay in and make food from our groceries, but other times we like to check out the restaurants around Copenhagen and try new things. Recently, we went to Rio Bravo, a famous Danish restaurant. I got Stegt flæsk, the national dish of Denmark. It was delicious! Crispy pork with potatoes and a creamy parsley sauce! Besides that, I’ve also tried smørrbrød, an open face rye bread sandwich with a variety of toppings, mine being shrimp, dill, and lemon. Of course, I’ve also gotten pastries while here as well. One of my favorites looked as good as it tasted, with berries and vanilla cream topping it.

Then the day ends by heading home, working on homework, then going to sleep to prepare to do it all again the next day!