A break in the middle






Its currently the spring break here in Budapest. This means I am back to the normal schedule of sleeping till 4 pm and staying up until 7 am. Its nice to finally get some rest and relaxation. I have been going around to coffee shops lately to catch on studying I have fallen behind on and playing video games since I don’t often have the chance to do so. All and All, it is a period of peace and relaxation in my life as I start to prepare for the journey back home in two months.

My roommates are away which is a treat in and of itself. The house is free of all the drama and noise that comes with them being here. The only slight disturbance in my utopia is my roommates two cats who I am looking after against my will. The cats are cute though so I think everything will be okay.

These blogs are getting harder and harder to write. There are not a lot of things I do in my day to day life that are both exciting and understandable to write about. The big problem is that my life mostly consists of doing exciting math and boring everyday things that no one would want to read about such as laundry. I don’t really have any desire to travel around the rest of Europe. There doesn’t seem to be much value in seeing a city for a couple of days since the experience would never do the city justice. Instead I have resolved myself to spending the rest of my time here studying and potentially trying to find one weekend to do something in Europe that is pure experience with my remaining time here.

The weather is finally warming up and the sun doesn’t go down at 5 pm anymore. I hope to be able to make it to Margaret Island sometime in the warmer days just to see what all the hype is about. Besides this though I feel like I have finally experienced most of Budapest and am much more worried what my take on the United States will be when I get back. I feel like I will be very unsatisfied with many aspects of my home country upon returning to it. I am also not very excited to reenter the bombardment zone of news about Donald Trump and the many scandals surrounding his presidency.

I am starting to really feel like I have aged in Budapest so to speak. A year of my life will soon be spend here, and everyone knows we only get so many of those. I don’t regret this, as far as I am concerned its a pretty practical way to spend a year and get some interesting life experience. I can’t help but wonder though if I should try and continue moving around year by year like this for the rest of my life to continue to gain more perspective on what being human really is.