A Bittersweet Goodbye To Our Last Week In London (Week 15)


Unfortunately, this was the last week of my study abroad program in London. It was the most bittersweet week ever. The week started out by visiting Buckingham palace and watching the changing of the guard. After being there for 4 months, I finally went to see the palace and thought it was a little underwhelming. I nonetheless enjoyed spending time with my friends.

Some of my flatmates had a friend visiting from the Cork program and we had been showing him around London over the weekend. We thought it was vital to take him to Borough market and introduce him to the amazing food that is offered there. One of my best friends and I joined them to get our favourite food one last time. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but my favourite thing to get from the market is a sandwich from this place called Black Pig. I highly recommend. Another thing that I enjoy about London and it’s markets are how diverse and versatile the food offered there is. Later that day, two of my good friends (Nate and Nico) and I went to get afternoon tea. We figured it would be something good and “British” to do before we left.

On Tuesday, we went to Camden market and showed our friends around there. We ate a lot of food and walked through a lot of shops. Afterwards, I did laundry and started working on the last paper for my internship class. At this point of the week I was mentally drained. I felt like I could no longer focus on writing something for long periods but being forced to sit and wait for my laundry meant I actually had to work. I was able to get a good start on the paper which I thanked myself later for.

The rest of the week involved me balancing writing my last paper, which I finished Wednesday night, and writing for my internship. For one of my last pieces this week, I wrote about sexual abuse and what to do when you are in that situation. I figured it was something that is important to have on the website so I thought it was good for it to be included. I did not get to finish my last piece but I got a good start on it and it was about shining a spotlight on UK LGBTQ authors. I was able to pick out authors and get a brief background on them, as well as a book recommendation, before I had to head out on my last day.

At the end of the week, I had my final appraisal with my supervisor. We talked about how much I had improved in terms of my writing and how much they appreciated my help. We spoke about how I appreciated their guidance and how they were super grateful for my writing.

It was definitely an emotional week. Having to say goodbye to my internship and the people I’ve spent the last four months with. I spent a couple of days talking with my flatmates and we all agreed that we got lucky with the people who live on our floor. We formed a bond with each other that other people on our trip didn’t experience. I will never stop saying this, but I am so happy I met the people that I did. I honestly hope we get to stay friends for a really long time. The people who truly made this trip even better were my roommate (Reid) and my best friends (Laurel, Tatiana, Nate, Nico, Maddy & Ella). Without them I honestly do not know how I would have survived all of the homesickness. We all helped each other in our own ways. I am sad to see us go but I am looking forward to seeing everyone on campus for one more year of college. London will forever hold a special place in my heart.