First Week in Italy


Wow! I really don’t know where to start, this week was the first week of classes and I can totally tell you that cultural shock had hit me better hard. The university I am attending is very big and spread throughout the city of Florence. The only thing I can rely is my map, yes I have my roommates, but we have different classes and also our schedule is very different from one another. Proudly to say, I’ve made to all my classes on time on the first day, but it was a struggle getting through tourists and locals!!! OMG, there were so much people at the Duomo that I had to squeeze through. But, of course I wanted to take a picture of this beautiful view. 


After taking my two hour and thirty minutes Italian class on Wednesday! I know for sure it will be a struggle learning the language. I have the class once a week and almost everyone in my class already have taken Spanish and kinda got a easy loop in the class, but with me I’ve had taken French for 3 years and I also speak my native tongue which is Somali. So it’s going to be tough, but I know for sure I’ll do fine.imgres

By the way, Florence University of the Arts offers extra curricular field trips to students who are interest in traveling to different cities in the country. And, next weekend I am going to visit Napoli, Capri, and POMPEI! I am soo excited about this trip and I am glad that I going with friends that I’ve met and became very close with!

Also, here is some pictures that I took during the week


Best sandwich in town (All’Antico Vinaio)

IMG_1013 IMG_1033 IMG_1062 IMG_1073 IMG_1079