8th Week






Time flies. I cannot believe that I have spent 8 weeks in South Korea. And it also means final tests are coming! Now again, it is time to prepare for the final scheduled next week. I am summarizing all the grammar points that I learned, and it will better help me to review and memorize them. While I am doing the summary, to my surprised, I am able to communicate in Korean for the basic level. Conquering a new language is so much fun!

Although the final is coming, I am still planing for a travel to Busan with my friend Xinming  after final. Busan is the second largest city in Korea. It located in the southeast, closed to the sea. My friend Xinming is an accountant who is good at doing budget and making plans. I learned how to make travel plans from her. I firstly considered if we need to book a hotel for 2 nights, but she recommended to stay there just for one night. The reason is we only want to visit 5 sightseeing places in Busan, and it is possible to make it in two days without a hurry unless we arrange the schedule appropriately.

As I have mentioned KTX in the last journal, we decided to buy Korail Pass for transportation. It helps me to save 30 USD for the budget. Here are steps how to get a Korail Pass.

  1. Go to the website click here, make an online reservation for free. And print out the paper e-ticket, which is receipt.
  2. Go to any KTX station information center, take the passport, paper receipt and the credit card that you used for reservation with you. When the clerks finishing verifying your information, then they will charge you for the Korail Pass, and give you the Voucher. There was a small episode: I did not print out the receipt when I went to the info center. However, there were two printing machines next to the info center. People can type in their information and print out a paper receipt for only 100 Korean won.
  3. Take the voucher and go to any ticket machine or front desk to redeem train tickets. I suggest you to get the tickets as soon as possible because they will sold out fast. You may still get tickets at the last minutes, but you can only get the standing tickets by then.

Later, I contacted a Japanese friend who I made when I studied abroad in Japan in 2015. And she is just right there studying abroad in Korea. She is so generous to invite my friend Xinming and me to stay at her apartment for that night. Being able to meet friends we made during study abroad again is one of the happiest things in our lives. I am very looking forward to our Busan trip!