5th Week






Next week is midterm week. I have learned how to introduce myself, ask for locations, order food, describe feelings, etc. I studied hard this weekend to go over all the possible key points that may be on the tests. Midterms will last for two days. They’ll include reading, listening, writing, and speaking parts. I am so nervous for the speaking test because I will answer questions to my Korean language teacher face to face for 10 minutes, and I am the first one to go in my class. Although the program is hard, I will try my best and achieve my goal—-learn the language and use it in life.

The rate of passing this midterm and final is not 100%. Yonsei University is famous for being strict on the test. There were thirteen people in my class at the beginning. However, one student dropped the program and changed to another one that was less language intensive but had more cultural experience opportunities. Most of my classmates are here for language learning, and later apply for degree programs in South Korea. I can feel that they take the language learning very seriously. With this learning environment, I also put studying Korean language as my top priority. I will do my best next week!

In addition, my Korean language exchange partner Jae helps me a lot. He corrects homework mistakes and practices Korean with me. And Jae helps me to do research for how to buy tickets for Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics 2018 in Sept. I am so excited for that!