5th and Final Week in Merida!!!!!






Well here we are, at the end of my final week in Merida, Mexico.

This last week was interesting and different from the others due to the fact that we were done with class and were now assigned to shadow and speak with a very prominent and intelligent man, Dr. Sanchez, every morning. His specialty is the hyperbaric chamber. Throughout all of Mexico, is is he who knows the most and has studied the most on this topic for many years. He asked us many questions everyday and spoke to us about everything from medicine to school to family to life.

During our free time we did what any one in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula would do. We went to the beach. On one particular evening my Mexican friend, Annie, mentioned a beach house her uncle owned in Chelem, a city with its own beach, that was approximately 10 minutes away from a famous beach in Progreso. We bought food and snacks, swam in the pool, went to the beach before sunset and stayed until dark, and then went to a carnival in Progreso. I will never forget the endless laughs, smiles, singing, and dancing from that small adventure that I had with just my sister, Sylvia, and Annie, my closest friends by the end of the five weeks.

As the program came to a close and we had our farewell lunch with all the host moms, our professors, and our program directors it felt like a sureal experience. I said bye to everyone but felt as if I would still see them later on.

My final night in Merida was spent at La Discordia by Mambocafe with Annie, Sylvia, my sister, and Patrico (another Mexican student in tourism). The night passed by fast, and then we only had hours, then minutes, until we would part ways. We danced to all of our songs and sang at the top of our lungs in unity. Then we all said bye and promised to stay in touch and reunite soon.

I left Merida feeling as though I learned so much more in those five weeks than I had in the past 5 years of my life.

It is truly a unique experience to study abroad. Leaving the program, I felt as though I had grown and changed after all of the new experiences I had.

So this is me, signing off from my final blog post as a different person than the one that signed off from my first one.

Adios y que Dios los bendiga.