5 Reasons to Study Abroad






Study abroad is a unique experience that helps students serve at an intermediate stage – half traveler and half resident. You get to experience and become immersed in the place you live but also have enough time and opportunities to relax, to explore places you never have been before, and to engage with the campus community. Are you thinking about studying abroad? A little voice has always told you to do it, but you are afraid of leaving the comfort of your home university? Well here are 5 reasons to study abroad.

  1. Learn new courses that your home university doesn’t offer
    Have you always had courses you wanted to take that isn’t offered in your university? Whether that is studying how to make wine, or studying how climate changes affect Antartica, there is something out there for you that you want to learn.
  2. Explore different hobbies/ interests
    Stepping outside of your comfort zone is inherently a scary thing, but it also provides you with a fresh new aspect learning about yourself. Studying abroad gives you the strength in the form of “trying,” the courage to give an effort to opportunities and experiences you have been limited previously. Try pottery, try kayaking, or try exploring and getting lost. You may find being lost isn’t as scary as you might have thought.
  3. Seize opportunities in career development
    An age-old question for college students is “what will you do when you graduate?” Study abroad helps you develop an understanding of who you are and what you want to do in life. Many students take part in internships or research opportunities to help them focus on their career path while abroad. There are workshops and meetups around the world for any career outlet – as long as you seek for them!
  4. Reflect on your personal growth
    As college students, we are constantly growing. This happens even faster while you are studying abroad. You come to appreciate the growth you have experienced that led you to thrive in a foreign country. The people you meet and the experiences you encounter while abroad can lead you to understand different aspects of yourself that you had not known before!
  5. Create lasting memories of a city (or cities) that you deeply fall in love with
    Last but not least, remember one of your purposes is to have fun! Fall in love with the language, culture, and people at the destination you are studying abroad. You may never have another experience as special as studying abroad. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the chance!If you are worried financially – apply to study abroad scholarships to support your dreams. Fund for Education, for example, supports students from traditionally underrepresented to study abroad. Apply to as many scholarships as you can to support yourself while abroad — trust me, it will be worth it!

    Here is a photo of me and my study abroad friends as an inspiration to you!