5 Foods You MUST Try While in Ghana





1.   The “Red” Sauce

There is a spicy, tomato sauce that a lot of restaurants put alongside jallof rice.  At the sight of the “red” sauce, my mouth waters!  It is the right amount of flavor, spiciness, and adds a perfect kick to any meal.

2.   Jallof Rice

You cannot come to Ghana and not have a scoop of jallof rice.  Jallof rice is a staple in Ghana that is added to basically any protein. The best jallof rice that I have tasted was at a restaurant called “The Basement” located on the University of Ghana at Legon.

3.   Kelewele

Kelewele is something that everyone needs in their life sometimes.  Kelewele is essentially chopped fried plaintains flavored with a hint of cayenne pepper and ginger.  Kelewele is eaten as a side dish or appetizer and is usually available at restaurants. 

4.   Fan Ice

Fan is a godsend in Ghana.  Fan Ice is an ice-cream snack that is sold on the streets or in gas stations.  When the hot Ghanaian air surrounds you for hours, it is so refreshing to nibble on a Fan Ice.  There are three primary flavors: vanilla, chocolate (my favorite) and citrus.

5.   Palava Sauce

YUM! Palava sauce has to be one my favorite dish during my time in Ghana.  Palava sauce is a spinach-type sauce that has a huge kick of spice that is usually served with chicken and a side of plain rice.  This sauce is the closest thing to a homemade dish—I am definitely learning the recipe to it!