The Beginning of Everything I’ve Been Waiting For.





08/26/2018, 10:57

Hi everyone! 여러분 안녕하세요!

I’ve finally arrived in South Korea!! It feels great to be here!! 한국에 드디어 왔어요!! 기분이 진짜 좋아요!! 

I’m still settling in so in the meantime, here’s my pre-departure video with an included transcript: 

(I actually get very nervous in front of the camera so I hope it didn’t show that much. This actually took me 10 takes. haha!)

“Hi everyone! 

I’m Chelsea De Mesa, coming from California State University – East Bay.

I am a double major in Accounting and in International Studies and will be finishing my senior year at Yonsei University, here in Seoul, South Korea.

I was supposed to arrive on the 23rd but my flight was cancelled due to the typhoon, so I had to quickly purchase another ticket because they were going to re-book me sometime next week, and I have orientation on Monday. I guess that is one lesson I can share with you guys. Always bring a substantial amount of emergency money or invest in good credit cards that you can use anywhere. Also, since I’ve been to Korea a few times, a lot of things don’t seem foreign to me, so it was really a somewhat smooth journey – besides the typhoon. I think that if you can go on vacation to your target country prior to your study abroad, it would help you tremendously by the time you go.

Anyway, this year in Korea is really important to me both personally and professionally. I really like the Korean culture and the environment. I hope to work here and eventually move here someday. I want to think that this study abroad experience would open new doors that will lead to that dream. I think it will also help me plan better so I can get the necessary skill sets and requirements while I get work experience in the United States. I’ve been self-studying the language for about 5 years now too, so I hope to really grow my Korean language skills. Also, it would be my first time to live alone so I really am looking forward to growing as an individual. I want to learn how to budget and be on my own and make smart choices. This is Adulting 101 right here. Anyway, I’m happy because I really waited a long time for this and I really worked hard to get here. I hope that happiness and growth will reflect in my posts and I hope that people can be inspired to take their own leaps and reach for their dreams.

Today, I am meeting a real estate agent I researched. I really wanted to live alone so I want to get my own studio. As of now, I rented an Airbnb. Soooo I think I should get going. I’ll see you all in a year!” 또 만나요!!^^