24 Hours In Birmingham





Ever since I went abroad I have noticed I’ve been more spontaneous and care free. Back at home there’s always stress revolving around school and work that is sometimes feel suffocating. For one of my last trip before heading home me and my friend traveled down to Birmingham for 24 hours. Some of you may think Birmingham is a strange place to visit considering it is very similar to any other large cities in England. Well, truth is that we were not just going for fun but instead something that is very exciting. We went to see Harry Styles in concert!

I bought these tickets back in September and has been planning out this trip for months. The actual concert was actually in a city called Coventry.

Coventry was 20 minutes away from Birmingham and the arena was another 10 so all in all very commutable. The concert was absolutely amazing, he is such a talented performer and I feel lucky that I got to see him perform live.

After the concert, we headed back to Birmingham to spend the night and woke up early to explore the city. My previous predictions about the city couldn’t have been more wrong. This city is full of diversity and it was very different from any other cities I’ve been to. While walking around I definitely noticed that it was a minority majority area. They had a huge china town with a lot of yummy foods and cuisines in the city center. The train station was also huge. It was called grand central and now I see why it was named that. Imagine a giant shopping center, with loads of restaurants, and down the escalator is a big train station double the size of the one in Leeds.

The streets were filled with amazing art and I’ve never felt such a sense of community in a large city. Another cool part was the architecture in the city was very unique and in very crazy shapes (I’m assuming something to do with energy efficiency). Overall, it was a very short trip but through spontaneous decisions I am able to make such great memories with the people I have met here.