12 hours to launch


So here it is…the moment of truth. I am looking at the clock and with each tick, my heart beats faster. I am not nervous at all, but rather bursting with excitement. This is a moment a year in the making and it’s finally here. I am just itching to see what new and exciting adventures await me in Japan. I know there is still a lot I need to learn about Japan, but I am ready to commit myself to this trip 110%. I have nothing in my way.

To all who have supported me during this past few months or longer, I am truly grateful and you have my deepest and most sincere thanks.

I have many plans for my future, all of which cannot be set in stone because my school schedule here is weird. But a few things can be certain. All of my goals and destinations I want to study abroad in will be met. I was supposed to go to China in the Spring but I decided to put it off because it would be difficult to organize and coordinate it from Japan. I also have service projects that neet to be done when I come back that need attention. All in all, this trip is very important to me and I plan on giving my all to learn as much as I can about Japan, the language, and the culture, and to build connections that will last a lifetime.

I will be updating my blog once a week while in Japan, as well as uploading pictures, and videos if possible. So, keep checking in to see what’s going on.


Take care.