This will be my last week in South Korea this summer. Time flies.

Yesterday, two old friends from my hometown, we hadn’t met each other for 2 years, came to visit Seoul. I became a tour guide for one day and helped them to communicate to locals. For example, we visited the Yeongdengpo Underground Shoppingmall and I helped them to bargain successfully; my friend Wanchen got a stuffy nose and sore throat, and I spoke for her at a pharmacy store to get the right cold medicine. At that moment, I was so proud of myself to practice a foreign language successfully.

It inspired me a lot to keep learning Korean when I return to the USA. Studying a language needs consecutive practices and perseverance, so thank FEA for giving me this opportunity to start learning Korean in Yonsei University. What a good start! I start to make plans for the fall semester related to study abroad. For instance, I will draw a cartoon handbook, explaining step-by-step for how to apply for study abroad from the beginning. What is more, I would like to volunteer for the Education Abroad Office, sharing my experience and etc.

And for this week, I make a to-do list before leaving South Korea. I hope I am able to cross out all the listings at the end. In addition, this upcoming weekend, I am about to travel to the second largest city in South Korea—Busan. I would like to make the returning video there and upload to FEA’s vimeo account.

In the International Student Dormitory, now most of the students have moved out already because this is almost the end of the summer semester. The last day to move out from the dorm will be August 21st. However, my returning flight is on the 23rd. So I need to find a hotel to stay for the last two nights. Fortunately, my friend Xinming invites me to stay in her apartment with her, to help me save my money. I really appreciate her help!

Please look forward for my returning video!