10 days until Salamanca, Spain!




As I sit in my dinner table in Chicago, IL, I am aroused with excitement to think that in 10 days I will be sitting in a whole different dinner table in a different roof located in a different country. This country being Spain!

Speaking of dinner tables, I am so ready to adapt to new taste buds as I explore the traditional foods of Salamanca. From eating new foods to exploring new sites. Europe is new to me and I am very eager to explore the beauty’s of Spain and Europe.

I think the idea of studying abroad is brilliant as one takes a break from the U.S. and changes one’s reality. A new and different vibe. A vibe with different friendships, professors, and family.

One of my primary goals is to make genuine friendships. Friendships with the local people, students from my program, professors, and my host family. I hope to make a fun and healthy community in which we share cherishing moments. 

However, like mentioned in the Vlog, I am a little nervous since this trip would be my first for a lot. But I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and enjoy the beauty’s that come with this experience.

I am looking forward in sharing my experiences with you all.

Hasta Luego,