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5 Tips for Students of Color Abroad

The idea of going abroad can be both exciting and terrifying. Here I share some tips for the people of color who may be straddling between these two feelings. Not knowing where you are going is a legitimate fear. When you consider the influence race and ethnicity will have on the social interactions you encounter, those feelings are realer than ever.

Reflecting on low-key racism

Going abroad and facing different race relations in other countries is hard. It is easy to want to react to racist moments we encounter, but is that appropriate? Here, I share some of my thoughts and experience on the matter of dealing with racism while abroad.

Is your service abroad doing more harm than good?

In this blog, I explore where student leaders go wrong when they do community service abroad. I share ways to be more mindful while abroad and thoughts as to how we fill the gaps we create when we are serving communities in developing countries.