Hello, Advisors!

Looking to advise your students on applying for an FEA scholarship? Interested in promoting FEA or volunteering? Find many helpful tools below.

Do you have a student who was not awarded an FEA scholarship? Please find a list of additional resources here.

Tools for Advisement:

  1. Download our 2020 Advisor Handbook, and keep it on hand while advising your students!
  2. Review our deadlines, requirements & scholarship opportunities.
  3. Prepare yourself to help your students. Sign up for one of our Advisor Webinars for more information about our 2021-2022 application cycles. More info coming soon.
  4. Encourage your students to start early. All applications need a recommendation letter from a professor, advisor, or supervisor.
  5. Number of scholarships varies per year. See prior scholarship recipients.

Promote FEA:

Download the FEA Spring 2021 Application Flyer.

Download the FEA Summer, Fall, and AY 2021-2022 Application Flyer.


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