Errick L. Greene

Superintendent, Jackson Public Schools (Jackson, MS)


Errick Greene is currently the Superintendent of Jackson Public Schools in Jackson, MS. Previously, he was Chief of Schools of Tulsa Public Schools, where he worked closely with the district’s seven instructional leadership directors to drive educational excellence through powerful, personalized learning that is engaging and joyful for all students and staff.

Prior to these roles, Errick was Special Assistant to the Emergency Manager with Detroit Public Schools, where he supported the district’s day to day transformation efforts. He also was a Managing Director at Insight Education Group. He led Insight’s work in New York and Georgia including initiatives related to principal evaluation, teacher effectiveness initiatives and Common Core implementation.  He also facilitated a learning community of talented aspiring principals with School Leaders Network (in collaboration with Teach for America).

Prior to that, Errick served as an Instructional Superintendent in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). In DCPS, he managed and supported a cluster of principals to ensure their leadership effectiveness and the overall success of the school and students.

Errick also played a key leadership role in several DCPS initiatives, including the Secondary School Transformation work, the Library Task Force, the Chancellor’s evaluation system appeals panel, the Testing Integrity Council and partnering with several other offices to support the District’s ongoing improvement efforts. Errick is the former Head of School at The Arts & Technology Academy, a PK-5 school located in Washington, DC.

Errick earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in Education Administration from Howard University, as well as a second Master’s degree in Education Administration from Trinity University. He completed his Doctorate degree in Education Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.