Interested in getting involved with FEA?

Consider being a FEA Ambassador, or Volunteer Application Reviewer.

Review the materials below and contact us for more information.

FEA Volunteer Reviewers

FEA Volunteer Reviewers dedicate time in January – March to review FEA applications for all scholarships. Reviewers must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, two years of professional experience, and must submit a CV via email for consideration.

FEA Ambassadors

FEA Ambassadors are chosen leadership volunteers for the Fund for Education Abroad who represent their state or region, and host an annual event to raise awareness and scholarship monies for undergraduate students to study abroad.  FEA Staff works with Ambassadors to create events that are well conceived and designed to be successful, and offers further support in marketing, administration, and securing sponsorship monies to achieve the event’s financial goal. Each regional event raises a minimum of a semester scholarship of $5,000, in addition to event costs, and is themed around the identity of the state or region in which it is hosted, such as a Kentucky Derby Party or a Minnesota Curl-a-thon.

FEA Ambassadors are:

  • collaborative leaders
  • networked to a group (or groups)
  • capable communicators
  • skilled with social media
  • fundraisers in training
  • passionate about helping to increase access to study abroad for underrepresented students

Not only are Ambassadors able to help finance life-changing study abroad experiences for students who otherwise could not afford them, they are also leading a movement to increase the number and diversity of students from their own state or region studying abroad. The benefits of serving as an FEA Ambassador are many, distinguishing organizers in the field, enabling them to make a mark, while imparting valuable, transferrable fundraising skills.

Review our Ambassador toolkit below for further information: