Hello, Alumni!

We hope you had an incredible adventure and a fulfilling experience. If you are interested in getting more involved with FEA, please contact Program Coordinator, Michelle.

Learn How to articulate your experience abroad

Review resume examples and guidelines as well as interviewing techniques.

Become a FEA Alumni Advisor!

Your challenges and successes abroad are crucial learning tools for new scholars. When we select scholars for an award to assist in their travels abroad, they will be faced with new and exciting obstacles; finding housing, retrieving scholarship dollars, overcoming language anxiety, and finding the best spot for a traditional cultural meal. We’re inviting you to volunteer as an advisor to these new scholars. We will pair you with a current scholar set to travel to a location familiar to you, and open the doors of communication. They will be eager to ask questions and hear your tricks and tips pre-departure. Review the Alumni Advisor Program Plan.

Looking for a job?

See job opportunities at FEA, Academic Travel Abroad, and CET Academic Programs.

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