CAPA: The Global Education Network

Applicants interested in CAPA’s programming that meet FEA’s eligibility requirements could be eligible to receive up to $5,000 for a fall or spring semester abroad, or between $1,250-$3,500 for the summer term.

Applicants who are awarded CAPA Access Partner Scholarships will receive their scholarship disbursement directly from the Fund for Education Abroad. FEA sends disbursements directly to the student awarded, either by mailing a physical check or via direct deposit.

CAPA offers study abroad and global internship programs in Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, London, Paris, Prague, and Sydney. CAPA Centers are located in global cities, which are home to people from all over the world, and serve as hubs for the sharing of ideas, languages, food, and traditions. CAPA programs offer opportunities to grow academically, personally, and professionally through academic coursework and internships in a wide variety of disciplines.

Diversity is a core value of CAPA: The Global Education Network. It is reflected in the diversity of our global city locations and a critical learning and development outcome that engages all our students. We are committed to increasing student diversity and provide all participants a framework to explore, challenge, and redefine their identities in distinct ways.

Additional Opportunities with CAPA

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