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Diagnoses of Syndromes

TCM uses four methods for diagnoses: auditory/olfaction, palpation, interrogation, and inspection.

Park’n’Shop Monopoly

Did you know that instant noodles and ramen originated from Japan? Hong Kong sells a lot of Japanese products, and especially prefer to market Hokkaido for their seafood and milk products. There are also many Japanese restaurants throughout the city.

Typical Day of a HKU Biology Student

Lecture led by Professor Sun talks about the factors to consider in drug design and how it affects pharmokinetics. Course: CHEM 3407: Medicinal Chemistry

HKU Biological Sciences Department

Professor Tsui Lap Chee, HKU alumni who discovered the Cystic Fibrosis mutant gene delivers a lecture in Biomedical Breakthroughs in Pluralistic World. Date: March 6, 2013.

Breakthroughs in the Medicinal Biology

The efficiency rate of placebos can range from as low as 15% to 72%. The longer the period of treatment and the more number of doctor’s visit, the greater the placebo effect. Placebos triggers the a mind-body healing therapy.