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Giving Back Activity

I was able to get across the message that anyone can study abroad anywhere in the world, no matter what socioeconomic class they belong to or where they came from.

Village Trip

As we made our way there my friends and I were joking how the village people would be living and how they would look like, but how wrong we were…

Outskirts of Pune

How wrong we were. Arriving at 11 in the night, my friend’s bungalow was no ordinary bungalow.

Janmashtami Festival

teams of young men form human pyramids to reach a high-hanging pot of butter and break it.

Strangers To Friends

One thing is for sure, I know by the end of this program I’ll leave India with some life long friends…

Trip to Matheran

I couldn’t help, but think about those Final Destination movies as I zipped across the valleys.

New Start: Mumbai!

Mumbai is a city filled with exotic smells flowing from near by street food carts and abundance of noise made by busy local individuals reflecting the cities prosperous growth in economy.

New Delhi

That odor could only be described as a mixture of armpit and pollution (At that point I smiled to myself and knew I was in India).

Journey to India

But at the moment the only thought in my head is how this abnormally large Russian man with a thick accent is blatantly starring at my screen and hovering behind my neck.