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Week 13: Who will I be when I go back?

And it isn’t living in just this city that has made me happy and brave and curious… Studying abroad has taught me to be all of these things no matter where I am.

Week 9: A Few Notes on Czech Culture

People from Prague always seen to have somewhere important to be. Like New York and other urban environments, there is so much going on in this city and very little time to strike up new relationships while in transit.

Week 6: Gratitude and Homesickness

And although at times I feel weak or inadequate for being uncomfortable as I adjust to new environments (“Why am I not okay right now?â€), I remind myself: Nick, if you’re always comfortable, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Week 1: London/Adjusting to Prague

Later that night, we both met up with another friend, Britanny, and found a place to sit outside a cafe and shared some pretty intimate details about our lives back home.