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Pro Haggler

the market is bustling, gorgeous, overstimulating, loud, and full of beautiful, beautiful things!

Excursion 5: Buenos Aires

All and all Buenos Aires was a huge and diverse city that hardly sleeps and eats a lot of medialunas, rich with intricate architecture and filled with Porteños that love a good time and fun company.

Excursion 4: Pucón

It was spectacular up top, though, and it pushed me to an extreme that I never though I would have been confronted with.

Excursion 3: Mendoza

“I’m really here. Country number two and completely in love with this life.†All I wanted to do was keep going, seeing, and feeling these moments over and over again.

¡Mil Tambores!

I did get the step, and after that, the arms, the core, and the confidence followed.

The Start of my Giving Back Project

Additionally, I look forward to being trusted by my new class so they can see me for who I am rather than a foreign-looking, funny Spanish speaker. Once they see that I am here to learn from them, that I am a friend, and a very passionate…

A Collection of Some Small Things

I am so happy, each day more accustomed, and learning in every capacity. For others to note on this gives me the confidence and drive to continue the pursuit of my journey here, tirelessly and courageously.

Vino at the Viña

They were not only so unique in their sustainable and socially responsible practices, but also so articulate in their mission and (let’s not forget) makers of delectable wine.