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A Golden Week (Pt.1)

At night was a beautiful bioluminesence ocean that light up with every step in the water. It was like a dream.

The castle where kings once lived

The temple, though located inside a busy city, somehow blocked out all the sounds of the world going on outside and it was as if we traveled back in time..

Spring is coming! International Festival

The foreigners, who might seem a little intimidating and silly with our accented Japanese, are really nothing but students who are genuinely interested in learning about their culture and history.


We also visited a maid cafe, which I must say is one of the most expensive and awkward things I’ve ever done.

20 days left — I can’t wait!

Going to school with about 10 times as many students , and all of them speaking in a foreign language..Oh wait, the WHOLE country will be talking in another language and practicing a different culture. Yeah, you could say I’m a bit nervous.