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One Last Weekend Getaway

This area is unique in that it is the closest land point to what could be considered the “middle” of the world, 0 degrees latitude, longitude, and altitude

My Favorite Ghanian Dishes

It consists of chopped plantains that are marinated in a spicy sauce and then fried w/ groundnuts(these are just peanuts). These are one of my favorite snacks in Ghana.

The beaches of Ghana

Coming from a complete land-locked state (Colorado) this is not something I am used too. Its also been something that I take complete advantage of.

Home-cooked Meals in Ghana

One thing I’ve learned is that when a stranger in Ghana offers you some food. Take part! it was almost always be delicious

Pre-Departure tips

4.Don’t forget that it is a STUDY abroad program. While you will have lots of fun, you will be also required to do some work as well.