Vlog: Loch Lomond and the Highland Games

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Loch Lomond and the Highland Games

This Saturday, Arcadia Summer STEM students and I visited the annual Loch Lomond Highland Games in Balloch, Scotland.  The games are compromised of traditional Scottish dances,  heavyweight events, and other athletic activities. The games themselves are performed in a ring in the center of the event space, and outside of it plenty of opportunities exist to take photographs, pet animals, and try delicious Scottish cuisine from booths and food trucks. My friends and I enjoyed the games over curry chips (French fries coated in a heavy curry sauce), steak sandwiches, and hamburgers!

Tent filled with pretty flowers at the Highland Games.
Grace excited for her steak sandwich!

One of the most impressive traditions I watched was dancing. Dozens of talented, young Scottish girls were decked out in classic Scottish dress dance to live bagpipe music. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to videotape this because of privacy laws to protect the children, but you can check out a representative picture of their Scottish garb here! Beyond that, some other memorable times include holding beautiful owls and getting to know pets with life-long conditions. We petted sweet puppies at one booth representing Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre and learned that it is a sanctuary that aims to care for abused animals.

Grace going in to give little Roscoe a smooch!
Jason proudly holding Daisy, the largest owl at the Highland Games!

After visiting the Highland Games, the group walked towards Loch Lomond for a boat ride through Sweeney Cruise Company. Check out this vlog where I capture the day in Balloch!