Traveling While Abroad

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Hi guys,

This week I wanted to talk about traveling while abroad. The way my program is set up I only have classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I get a long 4 day weekend. What’s better to spend a long weekend than with traveling. Traveling throughout Italy and to neighboring European countries from Italy is so easy and affordable! A resource my friend and I utilized was GoEuro. GoEuro is a website that offers cheep and affordable train rides throughout Italy. The second weekend in Italy my roommates and I took a train to Cinque Terre, a famous beach in south central Italy. It was only a hour and a half train ride and we spent only 18 euro for a round trip.

If you want to travel outside of Italy that can be easy to do as well. Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Greece. Now of course you can’t take a train to Greece from Italy since Greece is an Island surrounded by water, so our only option was to fly. Going in I was nervous to see the cost of flights but to my surprise they were very cheap. Going to Greece might be my favorite experience so far. We went to a resort in Mykonos so it was very touristy. Because of this I didn’t have any authentic Greek food but everything was still so delicious. My favorite part about Greece was the water. You could literally see the different layers of blue as you looked out into the ocean. Greece has always been a dream destination for me so being able to go and do new things like jet skiing, and going on boat tours was amazing. There was even a day where I just laid out on the beach all day and it was the most peaceful I have ever felt in my life.

The point of this journal is to say travel! When you’re abroad you should of course go out and enjoy and learn about the country you are in but don’t be afraid to take in the culture of neighboring countries as well. Traveling doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg if you plan accordingly. In Florence there were also these travel companies offering student travel trips for the weekend to places in Italy like the Amalfi coast, cinque Terre, Vienna, Venice, etc.. When studying abroad always look for student opportunities and discounts because there will always be something available for students. Go see the world, taste new foods, learn new languages. The more you see the more you’ll learn. No country is the same and they are all just so beautiful. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Greece, go!!