Taiwanese Transportation Rules

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Hello there, friends! Let’s discuss an interesting rule; that you might find fascinating. There is a unique public rule you must follow when traveling by public transit in Taiwan: no eating or drinking is permitted!nYep, you heard that right – no snacking or sipping while traveling on any of the public transportation systems! The only exception to this is long train rides! I almost had to learn this the hard way, because eating or drinking on the platform can lead to huge fines! Fortunately, another American tourist I was riding the train with informed me of the rule during my morning ride to class!

You may be questioning why such a rule exists at this point. Let me tell you, it’s all about treating others with respect and consideration. The Taiwanese people are renowned for their courteous and refined culture. One approach to guarantee that everyone may travel in comfort and cleanliness when utilizing public transportation is to follow this regulation. It would be somewhat untidy if everyone in the trains and subways was eating on their favorite snacks or drinking their favorite beverages. The trains might become less clean as a result of food crumbs and spills, and they might even draw unwelcome small animals. Not to mention that the delicious aroma of food can make other passengers hungry or make them lose interest in the travel.

Therefore, Taipei’s public transportation system strictly enforces the “no eating or drinking” guideline in order to maintain things orderly and tidy. In this manner, everyone can commute in peace and comfort without being bothered. This is why, in my opinion, the transportation in Taiwan is far superior to its equivalent in the US. There’s more to the rule though! Along with keeping things tidy and minimizing distractions, safety is another important factor. It can be congested on trains and in the metro, especially during rush hour. People who are eating or drinking may accidentally run into or spill their food or beverages on others. What would be even worse, is missing your stop because you were distracted by your food and drinks! Everyone may stay safe and there is less likelihood of mishaps or problems occurring in the trains and subways if everyone abides by the guideline. It’s almost a win-win situation!

So what happens if someone disobeys this law and begins to consume food or drinks? If you are caught you will receive a small fine, but you won’t be in serious danger. The penalty is not intended to be severe, but to acts as a reminder to abide by the law and show consideration for others. I get you might be thinking, what if during a long journey you get particularly hungry or thirsty? Do not worry! You can get around with Taipei’s public transportation system. Before and after your ride, you can stop at approved locations and stations to grab a quick snack or beverage. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting hungry or thirsty while traveling. Keep in mind that adhering to the “no eating or drinking” rule is about more than simply obeying the law; it’s also about respecting other commuters and helping to keep the area tidy and safe for everyone. Being kind and attentive is essential in Taipei’s wonderful and welcoming society.

So, keep in mind to put those snacks and beverages aside until you get to your destination the next time you’re in Taipei and boarding a train or subway. Let’s all ride together in peace, order, and safety by being considerate passengers.