Scrubs in Paris

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I’m not entirely sure as to why I all of a sudden thought of this randomly this month, but I found myself realizing that I am just a little over three months away from concluding my study abroad experience, as I will be departing towards the end of May. I’ve especially reflected a bit on how much I’ve grown as a person due to my time here abroad, the people I’ve met, and the experiences that I’ve had. Last week, I was watching Scrubs on Disney Plus with a friend and a certain episode in the first season mentioned how the main character thought on “who he once was, who he is now, and who he one day might be.” This particular reference really made me reflect a bit on my own life, especially with how I’ve grown during my time abroad and how I’m still growing. Time has been going by pretty fast here, given the fact that it’s about to be March and that my semester is half way over with at this point. As of writing this, I am set to go on a trip to Rome, Italy, as well as Prague, Czech Republic for the next week, as next week is vacation for many French universities. I will be traveling with friends for the first time since November and I’m looking forward to not only continuing my voyages here in Europe, but for the rest of my study abroad experience here! Not much to tell on this week’s blog post, but I did take these two nice pictures while I was walking to my residence from school and I thought that they came out nicely!