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Trip to Africa: Morocco

Our cultural visit to Morocco began after a two hour drive from Sevilla to the port of Algeciras. It was my first time on a ferry that took passengers over to the city of Ceuta in Morocco which is Spain’s territory. From the city of Ceuta, we have crossed over the border and drove one hour to visit our first city which is Tangere. We have arrived to see the Caves of Hercules, which have a carved opening in the shape of Africa. On the same beach, I rode my first camel. The camel ride was one of the highlights of the trip, I was so amazed at how calm and sweet the camels are. Unfortunately,

when you look into the camel’s eye you can see the sadness and tiredness these camel’s are. I began to question the amount of hours these camel’s have to stand around to attract tourists.

When the Ocean meets the Sea

The first time I met the ocean was when I was 16 years old in a small beach town outside of Mexico City. It was the Pacific Ocean. I was amazed to see how the waves brushed against the sand and pulled you in like the rocks along the shore. The second body of ocean I’ve met was the Atlantic ocean two years ago when I was 18. It was a family vacation to visit my dad in Orlando, Florida. A few hours ago I have met the point of which the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. I can’t describe how beautiful the ocean and sea appeared as the sun began to set along the outline of water and the sky. Tourists from all over the world come to see this point in which the body of water emerges into one. I looked left, and I looked right, and saw no difference. I couldn’t help but think about all the wonders of the world. Or how beautiful the mix of two bodies of water can be. The same mix that exists in countries and people all over the world.

Islamic Country

Visiting Morocco has changed my mentality and cultural conscious of other countries and religions. I was surprised at how culturally different the country is compared to the other places I have visited in the world. The Islamic country is Muslim and their entire life is completely devoted to their religion. With up to five prayers a day, facing mecca, and calls from the Minaret to prayer. I became aware that the woman of Morocco were all wearing hijabs, and are rarely seen especially at night, nightlife is nonexistent, and what strikes me as unique is how all the vendors know on average about five languages. After visiting this beautiful country, I have become interested in learning more about their religion, today’s wars, Specifically the Arab Spring Revolt that’s been occurring since 2011. I have left Morocco under the impression that there are people in this world who are content, and those who aren’t strive to have a better life and immigrate to the European Union, specifically, Spain.

Chechaouen: The Blue City

The arabesque blue colored city of Chechaouen looked like a scene right out of a disney movie. I have never seen such a beautifully colored city that attracts so many tourists. The last impression I had of Morocco was the ambition and sadness the young children of Morocco feel. There are so many that tried to hop on our bus and seek shelter in European land. I will return one day, and this time I’d like to visit the real side of Morocco, the side that our personal security restricted us from going to.