Remi’s Halfway There!

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Hi everyone!!! It is officially the halfway mark in my study abroad journey!! I can’t believe that I am having the chance to type that in this blog post right now. I can’t express how grateful I have been for my journey abroad and proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. To anyone reading this, PLEASE know how brave you are for taking the step to move away from an entirely different country, away from all of your loved ones and friends and safe havens, and I want to reiterate that YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

I’ve had some time to do a lot of self reflection and to keep repeating the mantra in the previous sentence to myself. I am meant to be studying abroad and I really have to keep making the most of my time here. I have many classmates that are traveling every weekend to a new European country and I am so happy for them because they are taking advantage of their time in Europe and the cheap flight prices. I was feeling a little down because I realized that I don’t have a desire to travel to a new country every weekend, and I was feeling left out because I thought that I am not making the most out of my experience here and that traveling throughout Europe is something that I need to be doing.

But, I’ve learned that coming to Copenhagen, Denmark is already a huge milestone achievement in itself for me. Also, I have to commute for my classes at DIS and I sometimes have long days of both classes and commuting. The semester has been picking up so I’ve been receiving more homework, upcoming exams, papers, etc. I have taught myself that winding down on the weekend such as just taking walks with my host mom and dad is just as fun for me than feeling like I have to travel somewhere new every weekend. I just wanted to let the readers that are reading this know that it’s okay to not want to do activities or travel all the time. Taking time to relax by yourself is just as important and fun too. Also, I try to treat myself to one little snack or meal to congratulate myself for getting through the week and that activity is fun for me!

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve learned that fun for me can look different from my fellow classmates and peers that are studying abroad with me and that is okay. I have desires to travel as well, but spending time by myself and with my host family are important to me too. I want to let you guys know just because you see your classmates doing activities and you’re not; doesn’t mean that you are also not getting the most out of your study abroad experience, because trust me you are! I am learning new things about myself everyday, still missing my home, but I’m okay; I’ve learned to adapt in a new environment and become comfortable with being uncomfortable in new places and around new people. That is what I’ve learned so far in my halfway journey at DIS Copenhagen and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the semester takes me!