Ramen Museum!

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All the new students and returnees from last semester are starting to trickle back into Hirakata!  A lot of people went home for the break, or went traveling, so it’s been a little lonely around here.  But now that everyone’s back, there’s endless fun to be had!

Almost as soon as some friends walked through the seminar house door, they were already making plans with a group to go to the instant ramen museum in a nearby town!  They, of course, have the history of instant ramen and the how-it’s-made portion, but the big attraction for the museum is the ability to make your own instant ramen cup!

A statue dedicated to the inner workings of a ramen cup.

So my friends and I went, and we obviously made our own ramen cups.  They gave you the option to decorate your cup – and some of us took it wayyy too seriously!  It was a lot of fun, though.

Some pretty cups!

Once you decorated the cup, you went up to fill it!  They put in the noodles first.  It was interesting to see all the machines!

Noodle Machine…

Then, they had an array of ingredients to choose from.  There are four ingredients in every cup, plus the soup stock powder.  It was so hard to choose which ingredients to put in – we had a hard time contemplating what would taste good together!

So many choices~

Finally, once everything was in the cup, they put a lid on it and wrapped it in shrink wrap!  The expiration date is about a month from when you make it, so you have plenty of time to get around to eating it!

Wrapping ’em up.

The museum was really cool, and making the ramen was so fun!  I definitely think this would make an amazing souvenir.  I just might have to go back before I leave Japan!