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Hi Folks

This past week was slower with people leaving early for the Eastern Weekend. School was closed Friday and Monday to celebrate the Holiday. The house was also busier than normal as friends and family came over for the holiday. My auntie’s son was home from boarding school and it was fun getting to know him. I was also able to learn about the primary education system.

On Friday I was able to embark on a new experience, I got the opportunity to go paragliding. I anticipated the experience would be scary and more like a roll coaster ride but it was actually very relaxing. It was picturesque scene and the experience felt more like a mediating exercise than anything else. It was definitely an experience I wish I would repeat again and spend more time flying. The real excitement though started after I landed. I had traveled to the Kwahu the region the festival was taking place with my CIEE program. Unfortunately, due to the high level of demand I was one of the few able to go paragliding. It was never communicated where we would meet once we landed and I had given my phone to the program coordinator for safe keeping so I had no means of contacting anyone.

Upon having this realization, I went back to the starting point but was unable to find the group and then went back to the landing point but again unable to find the group. At this point I decided to find an MTN store and search the CIEE number online to call the helpline. After finding the store with help I was able to get in touch with someone to communicate I was fine and going to figure out my way to Accra. It would have nearly been possible to attempt to find the group and would create more stress than it was worth. So, I went to the bus station and got on a trotro to Accra (it was a four-hour journey). On the way home, I truly felt like a resident of the country traveling with everyday Ghanaian to go home. The trotro had a TV and the trip was actually fun watching entertaining Nigerian movies on the drive. Once I got to Accra it was fairly simple to get home. I got on a trotro to Madina and got off at Atomic junction from there I got on a shared taxi to get home. Actually, ended up getting home before my CIEE group.

Although this could have been a scary experience for I was happy by how I was able to stay cool and collected. It can be a scary experience getting lost in America without your phone let alone Ghana. But during the whole experience I took it in strides and handled myself in a professional manner. This I think speaks to an aspect of my character that enjoys managing challenges and always maintaining control of a problem. In reflection I think the experience actually helped me grow and understand better an aspect of myself. Also, I will be sure to learn from this experience and make sure I never find myself in a similar situation again and coordinate better.

On a lighter note to celebrate the Eastern weekend on Monday (yesterday) I attend a food festival to unwind and enjoy the holiday. It was a great environment with great food and music. Now we are starting another week of hardworking. So long until next week!