New Beginnings

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This week has been full of new beginnings. I started classes at a new school, in a new country, and with a new learning style. I also started an internship at a new place, in a new industry, surrounded by new people. Needless to say this week was a bit daunting. I was missing all of the normal comforts that allow me to curb the anxiety which accompanies the start of a new semester.
Despite all of the anxieties this week was incredible. Starting my courses helped me settle into a routine, making me so much more comfortable in this new environment. On top of that the course content is incredible, all of my classes are closely tied to Ireland and Irish culture which is something I was really hoping for when studying in a new country. I can’t wait to dive into the course work and really gain a new understanding for Ireland at large. Not only were my courses great, working at my internship made me feel like a real member of Irish society. It was so exciting to experience work culture in a new place and feel involved with professionals. I am really looking forward to getting more comfortable in my role and taking on new tasks at the library.
While this week was full of new pursuits, there was still plenty of time for a bit of fun. I feel so fortunate to be part of a program that works so hard to plan fun events for us students. This weekend we were able to visit four different historical sites, highlights being an old Monk Abbey, and Trim Castle. Both of which were built before or during the 13th century. It was so incredible seeing structures that existed well before the United States and hearing about the complex history behind them.
I am very much looking forward to getting more opportunities to witness history and hear from incredible professionals like I did today. Still feels unreal that I will be in this country for the next couple months, it’s truly a dream come true.