My first deadlift

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How can I say this? Studying in a different country has given me the confidence to try anything new. Usually, when I go to the gym I run on the treadmill for an hour. Before that, I usually play with small weights. That is about it. However, today I met a friend of mine (who is a Korean student that majors in physical education) and he showed me how to do a deadlift. This is one of the 3 most basic exercises that weight lifters do.

Usually, I avoid weights because I don’t want other people to see how weak I am. However, I  learned that I enjoy it very much. This seems to be the pattern for all things that I do for the first time in Korea.

This afternoon, I will meet my little sister. Well, bro and sis is what we refer to each other as. She is an 18 year old degree seeking student that studies economics. In addition to talking about the Invisible Hand Theorem, we will eat chicken. Recently, I have gotten really confident in ordering things such as food or coffee by speaking Korean. Despite my physical, intellectual, and emotional growth not yet being to a point where I want it to be, I can say that it is better than it was a year ago in the United States.