Missing Home…

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I’ve been in need of my home lately, and I get really sad sometimes.  When I decided to go study abroad that family and friends would be on my mind constantly.  I can’t help but sometimes feel lonely because they’re not around, so I call to just talk with them.  I wish I could bring them along on my mini-trips and just not worry of not bring around family.  Being so much time without them is one of the downfalls of being abroad.  It’s not so much in the sense of , “I miss them every single day”, it’s just at times I need the love and comfort they give.

As days go by my emotions tend to be a rollercoaster.  Sometimes I’m super pumped and others I’m in the gutters.  All is well though, I’ve been studying more than ever and have to keep up that pace.  It gets difficult sometimes, but I just keep moving forward.  My motivation gets a push up when I start to talk to those at home and they tell me “words of wisdom”.  They are very much needed at times of despair that come upon me.  I’m very grateful to be around people who always have my back when I need it.

I was talking to my father the other day, and I was in a slump because of how much work and material I have.  He told me that he knows sometimes will get out of hand and a bit difficult.  Even though those things happen, I made it abroad in the first place, and if I was able to make that possible, everything else is possible.  Those words hit me like a wave crash, and now every time I feel overwhelmed I remember everything I’ve gone trough in the past.  I make myself realize that I’ve surpassed worse and I can get through whatever.

I try to surround myself with people and friends I have made abroad, as a way to not be lonely.  It works for the most part, but sometimes it’s just not enough.  I think I can speak for everyone that we all get this type of feeling one day or another.  It’s a process, but it isn’t something that ruins everything else.  In the end I decide what makes my day good or bad, so I try to move past and just continue the day.

Students abroad, also students studying away from family and friends know about these feelings.  Sometimes being abroad isn’t just painted as people normally guess.  Of course there are amazing moments and many highlights to it, but behind the scenes it’s tough at times.  We get discouraged, and we feel the under pressure, but  soon after we realize where we are, things lighten up.  We need balance within everything to accomplish our goals abroad.  If you are having difficulties at times, like me.  Just know, you can do it I believe in you and you should believe in yourself too.  You’re there for a reason, “Keep Moving Forward.”


Surrounding Myself with Good People.