Last excursion

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Possibly my last excursion and if it was it was great. I went to Curu which is a secluded beach on the North Western side of Costa Rica. I wanted to go fishing for my birthday and I was planning to go to Corcovado but because of how far it is and limited time I decided against it. So a friend of mine Andrew dis some research and we went to Curu to fish. Ok so we walked to this reservation which was about 20 mins away from the road. We passes a gang of bulls, deer and different flowers. Curu is actually home to a national park. It was Andrew, lisette, Alexa, and I, two girls studying abroad with us. So upon arrival we found that we would be staying literally in a cabin with beds as stuff as month old jerky. We arrived Friday and the first day on the beach was great, a lot of great memory’s were created. We made a sand castle, played baseball with sticks and rocks. We practiced our swings, I hit a couple home runs into the ocean. Then Andrew and Alexa got a attacked in the water by what we believe was a fish. I got out the water so fast you would have thought I had find for feet. Saturday we got up early to watch the sun rise and then got ready for fishing. This was my first time ever going deep see fishing. And guess what we caught something, a 40 pound mahi mahi! I got the opportunity to reel him in after Andrew had a chance to reel him in. After we got in the boat the fish went crazy and blood was every where. We took that bad boy too the beach and our guides barbecued it for us. So for lunch we had watermelon, pineapple, and Mahi Mahi with carrots and potatoes. Then I played volleyball with some locals on the beach. It was a great two days and possibly the best birthday trip I could have for my 21st birthday. All Glory too God. Pura Vida y recuerde tu Vida es que ni vel!