First week in Rome

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My first week in Italy. After a whole day of travel and being put in a hotel, my roommates and I were excited to see our apartment. We arrive at our apartment and it shocks us for different reasons. We are moved into temporary housing after a few days of minimum sleep and on edge. It was a rough start to Rome but none less did not dampen my excitement for the adventure ahead. It was one of the first learning experiences that will make my roommates and me stronger and closer.
Finally moved into our new apartment we at last got comfortable and settled down. At this point, we have explored the neighborhood we were placed in and the one near the school. During hard and good times I use prayer to speak to God so when I visited my first church it was an emotional experience. I am glad my first experience with the church was outside of school or without a guided tour because it made it feel more intimate. Inside these sacred spaces, there is art in every corner. As I am looking around I realize that I have no idea what the art is depicting. This makes me want to learn how to have a basic understanding of art to know a minimum of the story of whatever art is being shown.
The first week was a long one but I am grateful to be studying and living in a foreign country that will show me a different type of living.