Day 5 Part 2: Osaka

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At 6 p.m. I met with my psychology class at the train station to have a few hour walking tour around Osaka to see some popular sites and to try different street foods. The purpose of this trip was not only to allow us to look more around our temporary home, but also to give us a bit of culture shock.

Our trip began with an approximately 50 minute train ride with multiple train switches. By the time we reached Osaka, it was pouring rain and was quite windy. Almost instantly after walking out from the train station, my Nikes were fully soaked in water and it felt like I have two wet sponges tied around my feet. I felt so surprised experiencing this much rain because this is very uncommon in California; especially during the summer months.

We made our way through the city and all we could see were takoyaki shops, lights, and a busy nightlife. Osaka is a city that is really invested in it’s nightlife, which is way different than what I am use to back home. Back home everyone is already home by 6 and the streets are nearly empty.

Even though I’m use to seeing empty streets at night, I still love the nightlife! I never have been  much of a morning person, so I’m all about that nightlife! I love colorful lights, not having to worry about putting on sunscreen, and delicious street food! I got a little plate of takoyaki, which is basically battered octopus with a variety of sauce on top.

After eating takoyaki, we ventured down the street and encountered the Osaka Running Man! The Running Man is an old famous billboard, that became very popular for some reason I’m unsure about. It’s pretty cool to see though. I saw many locals and tourists taking photos of it.

Here’s some more photos from my small trip.

Next I will be posting about my trip to Nara; which is so far my most favorite walking tour we have done so far for so many reasons! I’m excited to tell you all about it.

Till next time!