¡Adios Segovia!

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Four months ago I arrived to Segovia not knowing what this city would have to offer me. I knew Segovia was a small city close to the capital of Spain, Madrid. I was worried that the city would be too small for me and that I might not get most of my time abroad. However, today as I am packing to return to the United States, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity of living in this wonderful city.

During four months I woke up with the prettiest views. When I first arrived in the last month of summer, I got to see the colorful skies covered with hot air balloons. When the fall came, I saw the most colorful leaves I have ever seen in my life. During my last month here, I got to see the mountains covered in snow every time I left my apartment. That is only one of the many beautiful memories I take from this city.

Every day, while walking to my friend’s house I got to see the aqueduct and the many tourists that come daily to admire it. I got asked by them to take pictures and I said yes every time. It made me feel like I was part of this town when people would ask me for directions and I realized that I was not a tourist anymore. Now that Christmas is upon us, the town is covered in lights and I truly feel like I am home.

Most importantly, this city gave me two new sisters, my roommates. I am so happy I got to experience these four months with them and I will forever cherish our memories, from my Turkish roommate’s first thanksgiving dinner ever, to our pizza nights. I am sure that when I say goodbye to them, it will not be forever.

Lastly, this city made me realize that there is room in my heart for countless places and people. When I moved to the United States I was surprised to call home two different places. Tomorrow I will be leaving my third home with many memories. While this now seems like the best time of my life, this experience has motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams. When I was a little girl living in Mexico, this experience seemed like something very far away. However, I do not remember myself thinking it would be impossible. I always knew that someday I would get to see the world. Now that my journey is almost over I am sure I made the most out of it and I leave without any regrets.

I am forever grateful to Fund for Education Abroad to helping me accomplish this dream.