A Quick Food Blog

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So lately I’ve been thinking about all of the food I miss back in the United States! Namely the french onion soup, and pizza…

But this doesn’t mean I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed all of the new dishes I’ve gotten the opportunity to try here! I will say that soup is by far my favorite thing to eat. It’s sometimes difficult to find soup in Japan that I like. Lately, I’ve been eating so many noodles I fear I might turn into one. While It’s been almost a month and a half, I fear I haven’t expanded my appetite much. Hopefully, later on, I’ll have tried a lot of different foods to be able to post more diverse images. For now, I have many a bunch of foods I’ve had and found to be both beautifully crafted, and tasted delicious.


This is Indian curry and naan bread with vegetable soup and a small corn salad!


This is Toyohashi curry udon! I loved the quail eggs, even though I was a little unsure of how they’d taste at first. (They taste like regular eggs!)


I may or may not have a tiny obsession with curry udon…this one comes from my city, Nagoya. I also purchased a tempura Asian yam. a common staple to eat with udon!


A school lunch I purchased in the cafeteria. (しょゆラーメン)soy sauce ramen with pork! Very yummy and very cheap!


This is gratin. I’ve never heard of it before, and to be honest I’m still not completely sure what it is or how you eat it! It kind of reminded me of a cheese dip, but you eat it as is! (This one came with half of an avocado).


Here is a well-known Japanese dish, (オムライス)Omurice! A combination of rice, vegetables, and tomato sauce under an omelet with a small hamburger on the side. Very common in Japan!


I went to a (焼肉) Yakiniku restaurant for the first time! Within this kind of restaurant, you order raw meats and cook them yourself on a grill at your own table! While it was a new and unique experience, I have to say trying cow tongue (Last photo) wasn’t something I could do again! I’m a big old wimp, but at least I tried it right?!


Ah yes. This had to make it on my food blog.  ….yes they have Starbucks in Japan and yes I may purchase it from time to time…

This is a Golden Maple Frappuccino!! I hope one day my hometown will get these.. (: