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Today, I finally had the chance to see the Nisshin City hospital. I must say that if you are ever here and actually need a doctor, call an ambulance (dial 991 kyukyusha [qu-qu-sha] is the word for ambelance so we always say that’s the sound of gunfire which is why you’d need the ambulance. haha lame pun).  The hospital is really, really far from where I live at, however Kim and I decided to be cheap and bike there. Just to clarify Kim was the one who needed a visit not me. So we start biking and I have no idea where we are going. Turns out neither does Kim really, even though she had already been once earlier in the semester. We rode for almost an hour and a half to find to hospital. Once we turn into the parking lot Kim turns to me and says “You know, if I’m well enough to bike here I probably don’t need to be here. Let’s go now.” Naturally, I dragged her inside anyway. Then we walk up to the reception desk and the man asks Kim why she was there in Japanese. Kim just says “Kyo…(today)’ and stares at him. At this point I’m fighting so hard not to just die laughing that I can’t even try to help the poor guy. In the end he called someone over to help. Who informed us that Kim’s doctor wasn’t in and that we needed to return in about two hours.

We walked back out and went looking for some place to wait at. In the end we found an adorable little cafe to sit and wait at. (Time for my daily dumb Japanese moment) So I asked the lady who worked there if I could take a picture. But instead of Shashin (photo) I said (Zashin) which sounds a lot like (Zasshi) which means magazine. So we spent a few moment staring at each other in confusion until I realized what I had said. The food was so good and they didn’t try to rush us out when we were finished eating.

Once it was time for Kim’s appointment we headed back to the hospital. We waited for her to be called. Once she was summoned, Kim disappeared for what felt like forever. I ended up going to sleep in the VERY uncomfortable chairs, not advisable. She was prescribed some medication and we picked it up from the Pharmacy ( conveniently located across the parking lot from the hospital) and biked back home. So tired. Sleep now.